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Kristyn Jackson and Nalini Haynes founded PhD Peeps in January 2018. We offer tips, tricks, and motivation to PhD students at varying stages of their journeys.

We extend thanks to Dr Mel Haines of the University of Canberra’s Research Development team, and soon-to-be-Dr Tony Flowers, who developed our logo.


Kristyn Jackson

Kristyn Jackson

Kristyn is passionate about research and teaching. Her research interests lie in transformative services marketing and service-dominant logic. She tutors in consumer behaviour and services marketing. An APA scholarship student, she is a University Medallist (for her Honours thesis into non-profit marketing) and received Dean’s Excellence Awards for each semester of under-graduate study.

On the weekend she enjoys hiking, running and tea drinking (at once). She has a bias for ‘slow’ fashion (as opposed to ‘fast’ fashion that is neither ecologically nor financially sustainable), and all things environmentally friendly and ethical. Follow Kristyn on ResearchGate or read her posts on PhD Peeps!


Nalini Haynes portraitNalini Haynes

When I was 4 years old, I discovered a large hardcover book of poetry for children in a corner store and my father bought it for me. Later he wanted me to read ‘Triantiwontigongolope’ by CJ Dennis from it. I said the poem was silly; I couldn’t possibly read a word THAT BIG so the fact that ‘the trees and grass were purple and the sky was bottle green’ was a great excuse. Dad challenged me to think about the possibilities of this strange world. I knew my disability separated me from others so I asked ‘Could I be normal in a world like that?’ He said ‘Yes’. Thus my love of stories and my passion for social justice were sown with the hope of changing the world.

Decades later, I’m researching representations of albinism in speculative fiction at the University of Canberra. My recent achievements include a Dean’s Excellence Award, an(other) invitation to join the Golden Key International Honours Society and two invitations to speak at academic conventions later this year. ORCiD and ResearchGate show my academic publications and my PhD Peeps posts are here.

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