BAIL, Kasia

Meet Kasia Bail

Kasia Bail

Today’s ‘nerd’ is Kasia Bail who, as you can see from the photo (left) is a drummer with unusual hair ornaments in her spare time.

‘What spare time?’ you ask.

‘I have no idea, but some people are better at the work/life balance than others,’ I reply, feeling guilty about my own lack of balance… and the dishes on the sink.

Over to Kasia!

Research Area: My main focus is on what I call ‘our 3 most expensive health populations: Hospitals, nurses and older people’.

Research Interests: Health service efficiency, quality and safety. I like to work on identifying and researching the structures and processes which impede or enable quality patient care. This might be looking at prognosis communication, hospital nursing policies, or how ‘care’ is funded in hospitals. I am fascinated by the complexity of hospital care delivery (and love participating in it as a nurse). But I am also very frustrated that so much (research and health care funding, social value) is focussed on the ‘interventions to treat disease’, perhaps at the cost of the process of ‘delivery of care’ such as the streamlining of effective organised pathways and the prioritisation of communication and underlying values to deliver such interventions.

Thesis/work in progress title:

Enabling nursing and clinical decision support technology

What’s your work in progress about?

Implementation of electronic health records and clinical decision support used by nurses and other clinicians. Specifically, I’m investigating the enabling and barrier effects of clinical governance, nursing leadership, change management and disruptive innovations, and looking at how we can enable effective technological integration that actually supports person-focussed care.

What would you be doing now if not your current research?

Palliative care nursing. And/or being a stay at home mum.

What made you decide to research?

Trying to solve the problems I keep seeing in clinical nursing practice.

What’s your favourite part of academic life?

Pondering. Pondering with others. Pondering in spite of others. Finding others who have also pondered what you ponder. Making those ponderings turn into research, and then seeing them actually affecting how other people and organisations think and work.

What’s your dream job (no matter how silly!)?

Ski Patroller! Combines two of my favourite things – skiing and helping people – with the greatest ingredients: fresh air, exercise and joy.

How do you de-stress?

Gardening, drumming, wing chun kung fu.

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